Menu Planning & Packing

We provide complete food packing and menu service for private Tatshenini-Alsek River trips. You select your desired meal options from our Trip Menu or use one of our Sample Menus as a guide and customize as you go. We will shop, label, pack, and provide a calendar planner, recipe book, and packing maps.  

Food Pack Organization:

Dry goods are packed in 2-3 soft, waterproof bilge bags (depending on the trip size) and lined with cardboard boxes to provide structure and organization.

Perishables such as produce, meat, and dairy are packed in coolers with block ice; you’ll have 1 cooler per raft.

We label ingredients and provide a menu planner, recipe book, and maps showing where is food packed. We will cover the food packing system during your group’s pre-trip meeting in Haines.

Menu Options

We have built two sample menus to simplify your food planning process. Use these samples as a guide to build your menu — or create your own menu plan by selecting from the recipes listed in the General Food Pack Information Form.

Guide’s Choice Sample Menu

Lighter on Meat Sample Menu

We can provide substitutions to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, and others.

Get Started!

You have your trip dates and have reserved your gear. Now it’s time to submit your menu!

  1. Review what’s included with your food pack and recipe descriptions in the General Food Pack Information Form.
  2. Collect an Individual Preferences/Allergies Form from anyone in the group who has special dietary needs. To complete the form, participants will need to download and save the writable PDF.
  3. Complete the Menu Selection Form. (You will need to download and save a copy of the writable PDF.)
  4. Email your Menu Selection Form and any Individual Preferences/Allergies Forms to
  5. We’ll be in touch with a quote!