Rates are per day beginning  on the day of the drive to the put in and ending on the day you are scheduled to fly out of Dry Bay. No extra charges are incurred if return is delayed by weather.

Rafts:  Each raft includes a breakdown aluminum frame, your choice of oarlocks or pins, 10’ oars, 123 qt. cooler, waterproof food bag, 35 cam buckle straps, 2 bailing buckets, spare lifejacket, 50’ throw bag, 2 bowlines, 2 paddles, repair kit, 2’x 6’ table and pump.

18’ Avon raft $60.00
16’ Avon Self Bailer $60.00

Kitchens:  Each kitchen includes 3 cook pots, griddle, 2 dutch ovens, cooking and eating utensils, coffee pot, dinner plates, salad and mixing bowls, 4 burner Cook Partner stove, fire pan and heating grate, wood tarps, water jugs, 3 metal wash buckets, kitchen tarp, and a hand wash system.

Kitchen  $55.00

Katadyn water filter $8.00
Toilet system $8.00
Bear Spray $2.00
Camp Stools $1.00
PFD’s $2.00

Personal ARO coffee mug for sale $15.00

Reservation/Damage Deposit:

A $500 deposit is required to reserve rafts and gear. This deposit will serve as your reservation deposit and your gear damage deposit. It is not refundable if you cancel your trip less than 90 days in advance. It will be refunded when your equipment is returned clean and undamaged.

You are responsible for any and all damage (above and beyond normal wear and tear) and loss of equipment. You will be charged at a rate of $45.00/hr. for repairable damage or replacement cost of lost items and non-repairable damage.

We do not have an unlimited amount of gear so rentals are on a first come first served basis.